Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ideas for your Artwork

Years ago I used to paint the normal size other people paint for displaying on the wall.  After awhile, I found myself painting smaller and smaller.  Personally I like being different so I try to find unique or different ways of displaying and sharing my work other than the norm.

On average, I paint in the 5 x 7" range.  Sometimes 4 x 6" and sometimes 7 x 10 (mainly several cameos on this size)  It's easier to store this size and I maintain portfolios and/or journal books of all my work.

Here are some ideas other than wall hangings for sharing your artwork that I personally love:

Bookmarks make wonderful gifts.  

Books - These were created using Shutterfly Photo Service.  A Christmas gift idea for family.  Also a great way of putting together reference books for yourself.  I have several step by step tutorials and put the collection together in one of these books as a teaching reference for myself.

ATC size prints can be printed off and displayed as shown.  I watch for specials on Amazon for unique ways of displaying photos and notes that can be applied to miniature paintings.

I especially love this idea - Digital Photo Frame

This is one of my favorites but find it very difficult to find these photo wheels.  At one point I could get these and miniature photo wheels.  Made great gifts for my family!

Other Ideas not shown:

Note Cards - Always a wonderful way of sharing your work.

Magnetic Photo Pockets (I get mine at Walmart either in the 2.5 x 3.5 in size or the 5 x 7 in size)  - My filing cabinet in my office/studio is lined with prints of my paintings.  Great for displaying on refrigerators where family and friends can readily view when visiting.

Photo Brag Book - Instead of using a service like Shutterfly, one can print off their paintings and show off or present as a gift in the form of a brag book or scrap book with embellishments and whatnot.

Place Card Holders - There are many unique and beautiful place card holders one can use to display a single miniature painting.  These can be lined up on a shelf or mantle.

Slide show file (using Mac iphoto as just one means) of digital painting images with music and transitions that can be loaded onto iPhones and probably similar idea for other smart phones.  And for a simpler idea......just upload digital copies of your paintings to your phone for sharing when out and about.

I am sure there are many other ideas out there.  It's only limited to one's imagination in how to present and share with other people.

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