Thursday, August 19, 2010

Riverbank Wet in Wet

Received a new brush the other day, which is the Sterling Edwards Blending Bristle flat brush (size 1").  What was intriguing about the brush was the size and shape of the handle plus the short bristles.

I've seen several of Sterling Edward's videos using these brushes inspiring me to try my hand wet in wet using primarily the bristle flat to paint my composition.  For me 1" is large.........comparably speaking with the size paper I normally paint on (5x7").

Pigments used are all Daniel Smith....Raw Sienna, Perm Aliz, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, French Ultramarine, and Sap Green.

Also used a 3/8" angular flat for lifting (left trees as you view this) and #2 Rigger.  Other tool used was a letter opener to scratch out twiggy bits in and around the right clump of evergreen trees and in the distant tree line near the water.

My first go with the brush ........ I find it to be quite promising.

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