Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Pages into One Equals Four - Pen and Wash

Working in a small Daler Rowney sketchbook - 3 x 5 closed, I worked a landscape sketch on the left page.  After I finished that sketch, later I did another on the page to the right.  Here is how the two pages looked minus a small part cropped off the bottom.

After completing the second sketch, I noticed with a little ink/wash work, I could tie the two pages into one scene.  Here is the results....

What's really nice is how each page can be framed as individual scenes plus the two pages together making a third composition.

Now look at the two side by side together sitting opposite from original layout in the sketchbook.  They could make for a fourth composition  if "stitched" together.

This was not planned ahead of time so for me ended as quite a nice surprise with the results.   

Used a black Tombow marker pen to initially sketch the landscapes and then washed over the ink marks with a damp or wet round brush to make the ink spread or bleed out.  Also mixed pools of ink on an acrylic surface and used a brush to apply to paper like one would watercolor.

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