Friday, February 25, 2011

75 Day Sketch Challenge - Day 26

Bass Haven

This is from a photo taken while out fishing last summer.  A wildlife management area with large pond that is loaded with bass as well as blue gill and crappie.  The pond is maybe 4 feet at the deepest area and very shallow in other areas.  All around are dead trees sticking out of the water and little islands that geese have chosen  for breeding.  Later in the summer the algae growth is such it's difficult to maneuver through and cattails line the edges of the islands.  We take our kayaks out here as they are perfect in very shallow waters and perfect to get back in tight areas that boats could not get to.  Most people who go out here to fish will do so from the banks....although they struggle with tangled lines that easily get hung up in the undergrowth of trees.  That's where it's nice to have the kayaks. 

1 comment:

Vicky Williamson (aka vickylw) said...

I love the depth of your sketches!

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