Tuesday, February 1, 2011

75 Day Sketch Challenge - Days 4 and 5

So far this is where I am with sketching.  Day 4 I completed one sketch and on Day 5 I managed several of various subjects.

75 Day Sketch Challenge - DAY 5

This first is my little dog, Miya.  She's a yorki-poo mix.  Before I started this challenge, I was hesitant in even attempting to sketch her because of her fur.  This particular instance she was brooding because I had stopped playing with her.  Without even given much thought, I grabbed my sketchbook and pen and completed this quick sketch without any hesitation.  

This next is trying my hand at continuous line drawing.  To help at the bottom, I added the grasses not thinking how low to the ground it would make the mailbox look.   This was an exercise I was hesitant in trying and learned how fun it can be once I actually tried it.

I find shading with pen to be very different.  I haven't had much practice with hatching or cross hatching or contour line marks to depict shading and shadows.  An area I personally need to work on.

This is a simple sketch of an oak leaf and a few acorns.  Probably more on the lines of contour sketching with a few extra bits to it.

This is my favorite out of the day's worth of sketching.  Outside our kitchen window we have this thistle sock.  It's easy for the finches to hang onto while feeding and not uncommon to see several at the same time hanging off the sides.  I wasn't sure about the netting on how to go about sketching but I just started with the lines and I found it was really easy and most enjoyable to do.

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