Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing with Rocks in Hand Book Journal

This is Page 3 and 4 of the new journal book.  What I found is that both left and right pages were the same in texture this time (unlike the first two pages shared in the previous post).  Flipping forward through the pages, the paper texture depends on how the paper was folded and bound.  Sometimes you'll find the textured page on the right and the smooth on the left or vice versa.  Sometimes you'll find left and right pages both smooth or both with slight tooth.  So there's really no set consistency with texture from one page to the next ..... at least with this particular journal book I received.  I wonder if this is just a fluke or if this is what one should expect with this particular brand.

This journal book is actually for drawing but with pages heavy enough one can use wet medium.  The specs say one can use light wash without any problem.  I decided to push the limits a bit with going heavy in my application of pigment.

Top two rocks (left and right) is using watercolor and a flat angular brush.  The pigment consistency is rather thick like one might expect with acrylic paint.

Bottom rocks were done using a more fluid consistency of pigment and a round brush.  The tooth of the paper (or texture) absorbed the pigment/water so there was not much in the way of pigment moving without the help of the brush even with the wetter consistency.

Another note - the two top rocks looked similar.....kind of bland to me so I added a little detail with pen and ink with one leaving the other without in order to compare.  I definitely like the added detail.  Did the same with the bottom two rocks using pen/ink with one and not with the other.

These illustrations were done back to back and I found even with the thick and wet application of paint that I used, it did not hurt using both sides of each page.  I was able to scan without seeing ghost images from paper being too thin.

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