Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And Yet Another Violet Comparison Exercise

You sick of seeing fuchsias yet??  :-D

They are just easier for me while I'm playing with mixing violets/purples.

Going through my Daniel Smith collection of pigments, I came across another Alizarin Crimson.  They put out two with one stating "Permanent" Alizarin Crimson and one that just says Alizarin Crimson.  The one on my palette is the one marked "Permanent"

What I have seen as I was playing with mixing violets/purples, the non "Permanent" Alizarin Crimson seems brighter or cleaner.  Not sure you can really tell on the monitor.  It's subtle but on paper you can see the slight difference.  The Permanent Alizarin Crimson definitely appears to be grayer or not allowing the white of the paper to shine through as the other appears to.  Just in this little experiment, I'd definitely choose the regular over the permanent based on the results I personally get.


Spiritartartist said...

I've been telling you that! I personally can see a cadmium tint to it. Put the other stuff on your palette and throw that perm.Aliz. away. Stay w/ the basics. Why are you getting so carried away with the different mixes and brands? They make all those so people will think they need them and the manufacturer (or artist/manufacturer) can make money on it. Having so many colors on your palette only complicates things.Time to move on. More gestures please!

Susan Bronsak said...

LOL.........I can get quite methodical when it comes down to painting and learning all there is....pros and cons.

Aliz Crimson has been one of my primary reds since I started painting back in 1991. I used W&N for the longest time and liked the nice subtle pinks it offers and I can't seem to get by mixing. I switched over to Daniel Smith because they re-wet easier than some of the W&N pigments and I prefer to have them dry in the wells. I waste pigment straight from the tube.

Normally I stay away from reds unless an earthy red and normally I have stayed clear of mixing violets....I'm just not normally a purple person.

I'm always purchasing different colors for trial and error simply because I like to experiment when in one of those moods (doesn't happen as often as it used to). If you knew the number of charts I've created over the years.......you would laugh. Plus I like convenience.

Anyways......one day I might find an actual red I like. At least now I've found a violet I can mix I actually like.

My normal palette of colors I use are Fr Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber, Aliz, Cad Red if I have to use a deep red and Cad Yell. I tend to use cads sparingly. I also have New Gamboge for a warm yellow and Aureolin or Hansa for a cool yellow. And I have Quin Gold I use to brighten things up if an area needs a little boost. I glaze that over. And I like tube greens as a base for mixing other pigments in. Ohhhhhh and I don't use all of them in a single painting. That's normally limited depending upon subject.

I'm sure what's on my palette is more than I need but that's what I became accustomed to a long time ago and it's hard to let go.

Gestures? I'm working on them.....lol. Going to be a busy five to six days ahead for me with work and holiday weekend coming up. That's why the art frenzy I've been in the last couple of days :-D

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