Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miya and her Bottles

Miya has this fascination for plastic drinking bottles.  Doesn't matter what size.  Hubby being a soda drinker is often hassled with her staring (often jumping in my lap so she can make eye level contact), making these funny noises or partial woofs to alert him she's there, jumping and springing off the side of his leg........just to say "hey.........I want THAT bottle."  And she could have dozens laying around he'd already given her.

Her mission or passion is to work the bottle cap off and then she's ready waiting for another bottle.  She doesn't chew on the caps and I'm forever finding them laying around.  We'll put them back on several times and the whole thing repeats.  You will see her now and then on her back paws holding bottle in the air as if she's drinking from it.

This is from a photo I took when Terry gave her a 2 liter just to see what she would do with it being so big.

This was quickly sketched using side of 4B pencil trying to follow the same principle of the 2 minute gesture exercises.  Only I didn't time it and I know it went longer than two minutes.  After the initial pencil strokes to get form down, I went back defining a few areas.  I took care not to get too involved or labor over it.
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