Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trying out Gouache

I received my set of Holbein Artist's Gouache and thought I'd try a quick sketch playing to see how they do in my Hand-book journal book.

The little building is done wet in wet or more like damp on damp and then a few swishes here and there with color after the initial wash dried.

Also trying out my new Noodlers Flex Pen.  Can't get it to work like I know it's capable of working.  I'm not getting the flex giving variations of marks from thin to thick.  I'm learning you can adjust the nib but haven't found the right adjustment yet.  Or maybe it's not the pen but instead the person trying to use it.  ;-)

As for the about rich pigment.  I'm used to using transparent watercolor so this will be a new venture / experience for me.  This sample doesn't even begin to portray what these pigments are capable of producing.   Time will tell, I'm sure.

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