Sunday, June 26, 2011

Violets Mixing Chart - Group Example 1

I've started with my violets mixing charts hoping to aid me in the future.  This is using my favorite brand Daniel Smith Artist's Watercolors.

This first group is using Cerulean Blue with the four reds on my palette as shown in the chart.  The red box indicates my favorite out of the group.

I have five six blues so will be adding a chart group for each with the four reds listed here.


Spiritartartist said...

I see what the problem is here Susan! Cerulean Blue has a touch of yellow in it! (Although it doesn't look like it does in your photo.) You need to use the blue w/ red in it - Ultramarine Blue and the red with blue in it - Alizarin or Quin. Rose --Yellow is the compliment of purple. When a compliments are mixed, it grays colors down. You don't need all these fancy colors, because if you get the basics, you can mix all the rest. You really only need two of ea. of the primary colors -- 1 cool / 1 warm -- to make all the rest! I also use burnt sienna and yellow ochre quite a bit. There are a couple of others I use for convenience instead of mixing them all the time, but I really don't need them.

Get Tony Couch's book - "WATERCOLOR, YOU CAN DO IT!" It explains everything. I firmly believe in watercolor, less is more.

Susan Bronsak said...

I'll have to look at my sheet but I think I used Perm Aliz and Fr Ultramarine. I seldom use Cerulean Blue unless in skies because of how opaque it is. The Daniel Smith Cerulean is a pretty color though.

This is just the first chart of blues plus reds on my palette. I've just finished all groupings and getting ready to post. From this experiment I do see which combo I prefer and also notes on being stumped with certain combinations I thought would turn out differently.

I should have done this a long time ago and surprised I hadn't. Called getting

Susan Bronsak said...

Ohhhhh I meant to add that I probably do have more colors on my palette than I really should. My goal was to have a cool and warm of each color plus a few of the earth colors (plus green) on the palette. I ended up with a few extras because........well I'm not sure why now.

Spiritartartist said...

Well, it says Cerulean Blue.

Susan Bronsak said...

LOL........I think we're talking two different posts. (where's my embarrassed smiley emoticon when I need it!) I went back and saw where I never stated on my Fuchsia painting what blue/red combo I used and that's what started me into all of this. That is what I thought you were referring to. Sorry ;-)

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