Saturday, July 9, 2011

75 Day Challenge - Days 64 and 65

Here are for the last two days.  Ten more days to go and I can say this challenge is complete. 

Day 64 - Shower Head

I find the circle to be one of the most challenging shapes to get right first go.  If using pencil, I'd probably erase several times without grabbing a ruler and using the vanishing point/square method to create it.   For those unsure of what I mean by that, follow this link to view drawing a circle.

Day 65 - Noodler's Flex Pen and Ink

There has been a craze of late where people from all over are ordering the new Noodler's Flex Pen.  I amongst them after reading all the hoopla people are saying about them. 

When it arrived I loaded it up and gave it a try.  I'm sitting there thinking.........."'s this so different from any other dip pen?  What's the big deal everyone is making it out to be?"

Surfing the web and asking Cathy Johnson in her Facebook blog......I was directed to a link where you can adjust the nib so it flexes correctly.  That's suppose to be the big magic factor in the pen......the tip flexes allowing one to draw very thin lines to pressing the nib down forcing the tip to spread making wide marks on the paper.  So I viewed the video clip and tried it once again.  I still don't see what the big deal is all about.  Some say it's the ink and some say it's the one using the pen.  Maybe so on both accounts.  But maybe it might just be the nib in my pen too.  I honestly don't know but for me is not the "wonder tool" others may find it to be.  Just my own personal opinion at this given time which could change down the road after giving it more of a chance and my practicing with it.

One plus......I like how you load it.  It has a plunger type feed where you twist the bottom and it pulls the ink up into the chamber.

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