Sunday, September 18, 2011

MaimeriBlu Watercolors

Using my moleskine watercolor book, I've started making a few charts using the MaimeriBlu pigments recently purchased. 

In setting up my palette, I've filled each of the wells allowing to dry 48 hours.  The pigment is "set" but still pliable. 

So far playing with charts and the simple ice cream cone illustration, I'm not real impressed with the handling of this brand.  The colors are vivid and beautiful but I'm not liking the "feel" of the pigment itself when re-wetting and working with the brush.  The binder or vehicle seems thick making the paints feel almost like working with oil paints or working with honey even though according to the stats, these pigments do not use honey as the binder like M. Graham pigments do.

Maybe once the paints have totally dried, I might find they "re-activate" differently when water is applied to them. I'm hoping in the next few days or so my feelings change more towards the positive; but, as of this posting, I'm ready to return to my Daniel Smith watercolors.

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