Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chocolate Bunny and Eggs - Watercolor and Experiment

Have no clue why I'm on this subject right now as Easter is months away; however, this is what struck me to paint so I did.  I never know from day to day what mood I'll be in or what subject tickles my fancy to draw or paint...I just go with the flow.

Another Easter Card Idea....

Also, I wanted to share an experiment I did with this particular painting.  Pen and Ink intrigues me and I love what I see from other artists.  Here I was thinking how hard can it be but then I found myself a bit unsure.  What type pen and ink?  What color(s)?  Do I use black ink or brown or even maybe match the ink to color of surrounding areas.  Do I outline everything or do I outline only portions? 

Asking other people how they work their pen and ink, I learned it all depends on the individual, their mood or frame of mind at the time, their preferences, subject matter, etc.  That there is no true right or wrong way of doing this and people can be just as creative with pen and ink as with any other medium.

After the feedback I received, I decided to give it a try but afraid I would mess my painting up.  It was suggested to me to print a scan of  my painting and experiment on printed sheet. That's exactly what I did........I scanned and printed so I could try black, brown, completely outlined and partially outlined to see what I personally liked.

All methods look good but my own personal preference (at least with this particular painting) is partially inking leaving highlighted areas free of ink so I have that lost and found look tying the subject in with the background.  And, I found I prefer the brown ink with this particular piece.  It's softer giving a more subtle look.  Top right example is my #1 choice.

This was a fun experiment and I definitely learned a lot.

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Stacy said...

I've learned from your questions and experiments, too! I agree, I like the partially-inked one the best because of the way it allows the eggs to retreat into the background and your bunny to be the proper focus of the painting. Before now, the option of partially-inking hadn't really occurred to me.

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