Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Bird Dwelling

With the purchase of our new house opens a wide range of new subject material for me to sketch or paint.  This watercolor sketch is of a Blue Bird house positioned at the back of our house.  There are various styles one can build and this particular one is called the Peterson Blue Bird House.  What's kind of neat is the fact my husband's last name happens to be Peterson so it fits to the new home owner :-)

We've seen Blue Birds but normally sitting on top of a power or cable line watching the grounds for it's food to emerge.  They swoop down, grab their meal and off they fly.  Since we've moved into our new place, we've been watching a pair of Blue Birds check this bird house out and we believe they've chosen to use it for their nest.  Both take turns going in and out of the box while the other sits on the fence post or nearby in the brush.  We've not seen anything in their mouths to indicate building a new nest but I guess it's possible or maybe repairing what was in there already.

The box is quite weathered...........kind of a plain grayish look to it.  I've tried to maintain that overall grayish look while also using a touch of brown and gold for added interest.  Trees around are actually bare but decided to use my Artistic License to depict foliage rather than the bare limbs and more gray.

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