Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crab Apple Cuttings

This is a little sketch as a memory to the freeze we just experienced after two weeks of summer like weather encouraging trees to blossom.  With the 24 hour warning, I took some cuttings hoping they would continue in a vase of water and go into full bloom inside (like forsythia do).  Not sure they will as the indoor air is so dry but thought I'd give it a try just the same.  I figure the freeze probably did a number on the buds on the trees....although I'm still not sure as I can't tell yet.  The buds are still there but whether or not they will open up into full bloom is unknown.   I know the freeze zapped our rhododendron bushes.  All the flowers turned brown.  Also did a number on our fruit tree flowers.

When working the vase, I tried the exercise from the Right Side of the Brain getting both sides mirrored.  I think as I moved towards the bottom, my brain shifted because the vase looks a bit wonky.  There's always next time :-)


straythreads said...

wonderful sketch!!! when my kids were little I would bring crab apple branches into the house in hopes that they would bloom and kids would hang eggs on the branches occasionally we would hit it right for Easter.

Susan Bronsak said...

You've given me hope.........thank you for sharing that and thank you for comment about my sketch.

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