Monday, March 12, 2012

The Planting - Altered

After viewing the sketch on screen, I realized the plant looked a bit suspended in the pot.  I have added darker bits to help anchor the plant and darkened the left side of the pot (as you view it) with some blue down the side and into the grass area a bit.  The pot looked rather flat before.  Hopefully it appears a little rounded now.

One of the things I have to work on is always wanting to go back and 'fix' something.  That's when I can get into trouble over-working a piece.  Although I managed to refrain from doing too much "fixing" of this sketch, I see where the pot is off around the top area (perspective) and I see areas I could darken to give more depth.   The moss also didn't turn out as I was hoping and find myself tempted to try and fix that too.  Then there's the..............I could go on and on...

BUT, one of my personal goals is practice in capturing the essence or concept quickly without going back over areas.  Get it down first go and move on hoping it helps with my fickle confidence level and maintain a fresh spontaneous look to my work.

Are we ever satisfied??? 

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