Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rhododendron of Some Sort

This is a small leaf version of what I think is a Rhododendron.  It sits on the side corner of the house near the basement door.  The leaves are a purplish green (which I couldn't get mixed right) and the buds are smaller than what one sees on the larger leaf Rhododendrons.

This was a learning experience for me.  Basically what didn't work (just one of those times when nothing seems to go right).  I couldn't get the leaf color mixed to suit this reference plus I struggled for some reason on the buds.  Couldn't get those sections down right.  I ended up splashing some red to hide my mishaps.

Another issue I ran into was results looking dull and flat.  I tried to lift out color to depict sunlight hitting the leaves and began feeling frustrated wanting to go back in to correct.  Basically I started fidgeting and over-working the piece so I called it quits and wrote my notes.

Ending results looks like this poor shrub needs some TLC.


debra morris said...

Looks great to me.....the colours look realistic, like one of my balcony plants and not too overworked

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Debra. I was not in the best frame of mind the day I did this. Was trying to focus on something positive as my husband was traveling back from work and was in a bad accident. He's OK but that day was a bit stressful as I waited on him to finally get home.

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