Friday, March 9, 2012

Rustic Camping Area

One of the things we fell in love with when considering purchasing our new house was this campfire area previous owners set up.  We love the natural made benches from split logs.  Just goes along with the overall rustic feel of living out in the woods surrounded by nature and wildlife.

This has always been my dream - living out in the country away from all the business and chaos normal for  towns and cities.  I was born in Alexandria, VA and brought up in Springfield right off the main DC metropolitan beltway where bumper to bumper traffic, buildings, large upright complexes (both residential and business), and people everywhere was the norm.  As the years went on I found myself moving further and further out away from this city living.  Now at age 55 I am finally living on top of a mountain surrounded by acres and acres of woods and natural springs.  Neighbors being 4-legged creatures and birds.........................and my son and his family off across the field on the other side of a line of trees.

1 comment:

Sandy Sandy said...

Congratulations on your new house! Sounds wonderful! My ideal 55 and older community!! :-D

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