Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here's a little something I did this afternoon.

The shell upside down didn't go as I had hoped.  Couldn't get the curve and angles right so my box turtle shell took on more of a true open box shape (as I roll my eyes).

The upright shell went a little better for me.

Neither shadow would I brag about (I hate adding shadows) but I did try.  It's not so difficult if on a small scale but the shadow area was large and my lack of confidence or hesitancy in application really shows (at least to my eyes).

The shell is one my son found checking out the property on our 4-wheeler the first time he came out to see the place.  My family is always bringing me things or taking photos of subjects they think I might be interested in.  :-)

Although sad what the empty shell represents, it does remind me of one of my favorite animated movies - Ice Age 2 or 3 - that I can sit and watch over and over.  There's a scene where a dinosaur type tortoise has an untimely death leaving his shell vacant for another.  That's where I came up with "Vacancy" for the subject.

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