Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wood Splitter Axe in Stump

Today is an absolute gorgeous day with sunny skies (not a cloud can be seen) and mid 70 temps.  Decided to take a stroll around the property just to enjoy being out and getting ideas to add to my art journal.

This stump is located in front of one of two sheds on the property.  Original owners used one of the sheds to store cut wood.  This stump has what looks like an old wood splitter axe head embedded in the stump.  We've decided to leave that "as is" for looks.  Just adds to the landscape :-)

Side Note - I will be glad when I'm through with this sketchbook as I'd like to get back to using one with regular watercolor paper.  This Handbook paper surface is not real great with any sizable watercolor wash as it streaks (especially noticeable in the large shadow).  One definitely cannot achieve a nice flat wash even prewetting the area.

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