Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clementines and Grapes Watercolor

My previous post is a simple still life of three clementines.  I love how they turned out with more shine....to me they just sing out.  The shadow was OK but the strongest area happens to be in the clementines themselves.  I used more Aureolin whereas with this one, I leaned more towards the Orange mix.

The strong plus for me with this one is in the shadows.  I'm super pleased with how the shadows turned out.  Normally mine are flat - often streaked giving my lack of confidence away in applying shadows.

I've been studying Richard - Artist on the Road's work and love his shadows.  They sing out......every bit as interesting as the subject casting the shadows.  He works on hot press and watercolor behaves and moves differently on that surface..........often in a very majestic way.  I'm using cold press so to get the paint to move, I pre-wet the area first and then dropped my pigments in allowing the colors to run, merge, and mix on their own without disturbing (except carefully nudging along edges and into crevices with the point of the brush.)  Then I quickly took a damp brush and carefully softened a few of the edges.

The other thing I did differently with this one was not being too concerned with exact positioning of the shadows.  They are more suggestive in placement and for me I like that better.  Allows the brain to ponder and do the rest.

Daniel Smith:  Aureolin (just a little this time), New Gamboge, Perm Red, touch of Cad Red Light, Fr Ultra, Perm Aliz, Raw and Burnt Sienna.

#6 Round and 3/8" Angular Flat

Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold

NOW............had I been able to achieve that zing in the clementines I did with the previous post along with this shadow, I'd be one happy camper!  :-D

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