Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandma and Grand-daughters Sketching Together

On Wednesday we had the grand-daughters with us.  It was a gorgeous day so we basically stayed outside enjoying the sun and fresh air rather than sitting in front of a TV.

The girls played with squirt bottles and then did some gardening.  Once they tired of those activities they grabbed their sketchbooks.  Both not knowing what to sketch, I had them do an exercise where they were to draw different size boxes (squares/rectangles) on a page and then walk around sketching whatever they might come across or see filling each of the boxes.

Started out with both sketching something they actually saw but then they both sat down and started filling in their boxes from imagination.

Madison is age 9..........

Morgan is age 6..........

While the girls worked on their exercise, I managed this little sketch of one of my plant pokes.  It's a set of four I purchased from Amazon.  These little resin figures are cute!

OOOOPS...........I just noticed the date is wrong.  I seem to be a day behind these days.  Wednesday was the 14th........right?  LOL I scanned the girls' work tonight adding the date so theirs is correct.  I wrote the date on my sketch on Wednesday thinking it was the 13th.

This last sketch is another that Madison did while at home and brought over for me to scan so I could have a record of it.

I am thrilled to bits that the girls are showing a real interest in drawing and painting.


Vicki Holdwick said...


I love the grandgirl art and may "borrow" the draw squares and then go around finding things to draw in them idea.

Your sketches are nice, too,


Sandy Sandy said...

What a fun and inventive exercise, Susan! Too bad you and Vicki don't live close to one another. At first I thought I was reading Vicki's blog! Every girl should have grandmothers like you two!

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