Monday, June 18, 2012

Play'n with Palms

One never knows (to include myself) what I might be inclined to do next.  Last night I was looking at Bahama photos one of my friends was sharing and I guess palm trees kind of stuck in my head.

These are from imagination and playing with two different brushes to render the fronds.

I did the right page first which turned out OK, I suppose, but not exactly the results I was hoping for.

The second attempt (on left page) turned out better not only with choice of brush but with colors I chose (at least to my own eyes).  The trunk is a bit too wide and probably should try again with an even smaller angular flat. 

Mini Handbook
1/2" Angular Bristle (right page)
1/2" Terry Harrison Wizard Brush (left)
3/8" Angular Flat (both trunks held differently)

The paint used on the left page was a bit more fluid than what I used when painting the right page.  I think that too made a big difference in how each turned out.

Side Note:  I have no idea why I do this but I always seem to go right to left.  Any wonder why I struggle with smudge marks when using graphite????  ROFL 


Sandy Sandy said...

These are really nice, Susan. I do like the one on the left a little better. You should post to the 20 minute challenge site too!

Elizabeth Smith said...

They both turned out well, but I do like the left page better - such great colors and crisp edges in the fronds and trunk. I especially like the way the washes melt together in contrast to the sharper edges. I also like the way the tree is anchored and a sense of distance and scale is created by the water in the background!

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