Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carpenter Wanted for Hire

This poor place is in need of some carpenter work as the frame is in serious need of being straightened (you might say my perspective is a bit off).......lol

This is using my Noodler's Flex pen.  No pencil guidelines but instead dove right in and sketched this with pen.  Well.......I can't exactly say "dove right in" as I hesitated quite a bit as I normally do when sketching anything in ink.  The 75 Day Challenge I did months back (or longer) did help ......... somewhat ..........but it's been awhile and I've fallen back into the habit of pencil sketching and erasing if need be.  That old fear of pen sketching and botching everything up has crept back in.  I should probably consider doing that challenge again for confidence (or lack of) reasons.

Anyways.........this is my pen sketch, wonky frame and all.   Hmmm.......I could just say the ground has settled throwing everything off..........lol    :-)

At this point I'm not sure if I'm going to take watercolor to this or leave it.  We will see how I feel later this evening or tomorrow.

UPDATE.........did you think I'd just leave it as is????  It was calling out to be painted. 

I chose to use odd colors as dingy grays just didn't appeal to me tonight. Next time I may try my Siennas and Blue for the wood.

And, this time around, I didn't pay attention to colors used.  Just a mixture of my normal choices on my palette. 

Brush used was a 1/2" Flat for most except the ground area where I switched off to a #8 Round.

When dry, I went over some line work with my pen.

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