Thursday, August 30, 2012

Camera and Bear

Here are two more I have accomplished.

The camera was first and boy did I struggle with it!!!!  I'm not normally one to mess with technical subjects that require precision.  But this was a challenge I decided to take on.

At the time I kept asking myself "why" I had to choose this!!  I was tempted to stop mid way (if not before) but glad now I didn't quit.  It's off but I can at least praise myself with following through.

As mentioned in an earlier post - ellipses and cylinders are one of my biggest weak areas and although I do understand how to go about making them correct, I don't like the idea of having to stop while sketching and measure with ruler, vanishing point, and squares/rectangles.   For free-sketching, I just want to learn to observe and judge correctly so I can maintain some sense of spontaneity.

Camera was done using the Noodler's Original Flex pen and for some reason this page grabbed at the pen nib.  I kept having to pull little fine fragments of paper from the nib.  It felt scratchy especially when I went to write my notes.

Now this next one I thoroughly enjoyed!!!!  One of the biggest pluses is the fact there's room for error and still get away with it :-)

The bear was my model and sitting there in the center of the paper just looked so lost so I added the potted plant from imagination.

I love this little bear which used to have a fishing hat and fishing pole but have been misplaced from being set up out of hands of little ones for fear of swallowing the small hooks that were attached to both.  Hopefully one day I'll find where I stashed them (laughing).

This one was done using the Noodler's Konrad with the larger nib and it just moved across the paper with ease.  You do have to be careful though because if you sit with the nib/ink on a spot too long, the ink will bleed or feather out.  One has to be fairly fast and with a light touch when applying the line to paper.

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