Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comparing Three Brands of Burnt Sienna

I've been trying another mix to create greens - Holbein Marine Blue and Burnt Sienna which is creating a nice variation especially when dropping in or adding Leaf Green.

As far as Bt Sienna, I've read where several artists prefer Winsor & Newton Bt Sienna over other of the same but in different brands.  One of the reasons being WN Bt Sienna is more transparent than most.  With that I decided I wanted to test between three brands (WN, Holbein, and Daniel Smith) I have on hand to see the difference.  The following shows my results.

Winsor and Newton and Holbein are extremely close in color and transparency and would be a toss up for me in choosing.

Now Daniel Smith is definitely different and not as transparent.  But even DS Bt Sienna would be great for a passage if you wanted a more subtle or muted appearance.  For me it would just depend on what I was after.

Comparison done in Stillman & Bern's Beta series journal.


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