Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Geese - Ink and Watercolor

Here's my early a.m. achievement for the new day!

As I continue with my sketching, it's in the back of my head to keep things simple.  When painting I am striving to keep it fresh and loose without going back in trying to fix anything.  I'm trying to include just enough detail without going overboard.

With this one I did a very rough quick sketch using a mechanical pencil just for guidelines to help when applying watercolor.  As best as I can, I'm working wet in wet allowing the pigment to do its own thing with a little help with the brush.

I chose to use a larger brush than I really feel comfortable using on this size paper to help keep me from getting fiddly with my brush work.  This time a #10 Round and possibly the largest round I own.  If I do own a larger brush, it's tucked away somewhere.

Again using Holbein pigments - RS, BS, Fum, SGrn, CobBl, and Ind (mixed with BS for my black)

This is the 3.5 x 5.5 Handbook sketchbook (only a few more pages before I reach the last page...........yippeee)

While barely damp, I went in with the dip pen and Sepia acrylic ink adding some line work but trying to keep it light.

As I continue practicing with this dip pen, I find using it for sketching is much easier than writing with it.  I'm not quite sure why.  Printing does not come easy to me anyways and I'm seriously thinking of taking up calligraphy.  That may or may not help ;-)


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