Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parrot - Watercolor - Stillman & Birn Beta Journal

Tonight I had a chance to see how well the paper in this journal handles lifting.  This paper is turning out to be extremely well suited for the way I paint and techniques I commonly use. In other words.........I'm lovin' it!!!

Pigment lifted beautifully with a 3/8" angular flat (soft - not bristle) without any damage to the paper.  

My application of paint with this particular painting was heavier as I see how well the paper handles the super wet pigment.  I am extremely impressed.  I was able to paint on the back side of this page scanning without seeing any ghost print of this parrot.

Dip Pen with FW Acrylic - Sepia
#8 Round
Holbein - Marine Blue, Fr Ultram, Bamboo Green (used in the body) Leaf Green, Perm Yellow Orange, Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber and W&N Scarlet Lake.

The Marine Blue and Bt Sienna were used for mixing the foliage dropping in Leaf Green in some areas while wet.

Special Note:  I'm trying Scarlet Lake for the first time along with the Perm Yellow Orange................I really like this red and the orange just adds that extra light giving it some pizazz!


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