Saturday, August 11, 2012

Play with Dip Pen

I'm finding myself really intrigued more and more with pen/ink and watercolor.  So much to learn out there about the various type pens, inks, etc.

I've tried Microns, Tombow markers, Rotring pens, Noodler's Flex and now a dip pen I didn't know I had.  Was going through my supplies and materials and came across a nib and then found the handle it fits into.

Amongst my supplies tucked away were several bottles of ink.  India Ink in one and the others are FW acrylic inks in various colors.  I can't even remember why I bought all those inks...............was a LONG time ago. 

Wanting to test out the dip pen using Sepia ink, I did this quick little sketch of an african animal (I forget what these are called) in Hazel Soan's African Watercolour book.  [poor thing has a lumpy back and stubby horns/antlers - of course I could just say he was a youngster and horns still growing with fluffed up hide on his back]

Once I did the ink sketch, I proceeded to test out just how waterproof the ink was.  As noted, I'd hope pretty waterproof considering it's acrylic ink.....but, the Noodler's ink stated bullet proof and that didn't quite hold least not from my understanding of what bullet proof is supposed to mean.

I didn't sit long waiting for the ink to dry and proceeded to emulate the simple brush strokes as shown in Hazel's book.

The ink proved trust worthy of staying put without smearing or bleeding when applying the watercolor least on this paper.

One thing I was disappointed in was the fact the Sepia color on this paper looks black rather than brown.  I hope to find a brown that I like and works with pens without causing issues (like clogging).

All in all I had fun experimenting and hope to do more!

Here is the nib and pen holder I found....


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