Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stillman & Birn with Watersoluble Ink

Here's a quick Tombow sketch to test how water soluble ink flows on this paper.  N-I-C-E!!  Almost too much so.

I found I'll have to be a bit conservative with the water when applying to the ink lines.  Or lighten up with pressure when putting lines down.  Maybe more hit and miss letting brush and water join the lines.

I always have to go through adjustments like this changing back and forth between paper surfaces.

My Rotring is even more potent so after this experiment with the Tombow, I'll have to take even more care.

Added just a touch of watercolor so it wasn't all gray tones.

Used a #8 Round which holds a lot of water.  Think I'll try using a flat as I may be able to better control the water flow.

Page is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

Here's my playing with a combination of water soluble graphite and the Rotring pen with water soluble ink. 

The ink is definitely stronger more potent that takes very little water to make it explode and spread.  I tried adding a touch of watercolor and the ink would just blacken the color.  Only time I could see that the color wasn't polluted is when the area had been wet already and dried. Any ink that had not been hit with water and brush would contaminate the color. 

Another fun exercise as I continue testing how different media behaves on this paper!

The little mini was just an after thought filling the corner.  That was using the Konrad with permanent Lexy Gray ink. 

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