Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Different Primary Trios

With this post I'm sharing two additional primary trios....

The first is using Brown Madder, Quin Gold, and Indigo  - Notice how the Quin Gold and Brown Madder (which is also a quin pigment) adds some real life used with an opaque Blue

The bottom illustration is using Lunar Red Rock, Raw Sienna, and Lunar Blue.  Very subtle earthy feel although the Lunar Red Rock appears a bit pinkish violet in light application.  I goofed when painting in the grass.  Without thinking I dipped into the Sap Green rather than mixing the Lunar Blue and Raw Sienna together.  Didn't notice till too late.

3/8th Angular Flat top illustration and #10 Round bottom.

Dip Pen using FW Acrylic Sepia was used on the bottom illustration and didn't make a note of what I used for the first. Using the dip pen with the Hiro nib was nice..........didn't quite glide like the Noodler's Konrad but I still enjoyed using it on this paper.

This is a page from the Stillman & Birn Beta series Journal book which is 180lb Cold Press.


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