Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baby Alpacas - Graphite and Pen and Ink

Yesterday I didn't feel up to using pen and instead completed this top sketch using my Staedtler 925 09 HB mechanical pencil.

The top alpaca in graphite is the first baby born to my cousin's family last month (11/30/12).   It's white and tan in color.  My cousin's family already had nine with baby making ten.

The bottom alpaca (reddish brown) was born this month (12/09/12) making #11.  They still have yet another due in the Spring.

Second illustration was completed today using pen and ink.  I initially used a Pilot Prera (F) with Lexington Gray ink and went back with a Noodler's Flex with same color ink that has a larger nib giving me the darker lines.

Both done in the no-brand-name sketchbook.

Alpacas are new to me and my cousin explained they are in the Llama and camel family originally from Peru, Chili.  They are mainly raised for their fleece but also known for their meat in South America.  They normally have a very sweet gentle nature but like with any creature......some are more so than others.  Some alpacas friendlier towards humans compared to others.  When upset they are known to spit as a means of defense/offense but primarily towards other alpacas.

The alpacas my cousin own appear to be super sweet and gentle according to what she shared with me and the photos she has shared with different family include very young children.


Serena Lewis said...

LOVE your alpaca sketches, Susan! They are such gorgeous animals and very inquisitive too...I love how they all seem to stick together.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Serena!!!! I so hope to visit my cousin one day in the near future. Would be so neat to actually see and experience these beautiful creatures!!

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