Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Ole Country Living

My day yesterday included sitting at the Toyota service department while a problem was being fixed that happened all of a sudden.

Thursday while out running around my SUV's heating blower fan started making a horrible thumping sound.  My car is only a year old and sits most of the time as I rarely go it really took me by surprise.  And of all days it had to be the coldest day we've had so far.

Get home and immediately called Toyota.  They said not to run the fan and I needed to have it looked at as soon as possible so I grabbed the first appointment I could get.

Ten minutes into sitting in the waiting room, I get called back into the shop to see what we were dealing with...............a large nicely built nest pulled out where my cabin filter sits.  Then the tech says inside the dash in the middle of the blower fan unit sits a mouse............dead of course after being caught in the fan unit.

An hour or so later and $160 poorer, I'm on the road headed home.

Never knew this but was told if I turn the inside air circulation button to recirculate rather than outside fresh air, it closes some hatch or whatever and will help keep critters out.  At least it wasn't a snake :-))

Pilot Prera used in the No-name brand sketchbook.


Jude said...

wow....expensive mouse trap but yet if it was a mechanical problem it probably would have been more. I love your ink sketches and I'm sure your granddaughters are enjoying them too.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Jude for the comment!! As for mechanical......I was told when I went to pay that had it been a mechanical malfunction issue, it would have been covered under my maintenance agreement (laughing). Figures. Oh and learn :-))

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