Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Mr. Hanging Ho Ho I crafted many years ago when my three sons were all little boys.  It's made out of a wood shaped egg and wood cup holder pegs.  He was painted using acrylics (back in my acrylic painting days).

One has to have a strong Christmas tree to hold these babies up due to the weight.  But so much fun watching the arms and legs swing if the tree is bumped.

I sketched this little guy before in graphite a couple years ago along with several other hand crafted ornaments I treasure similar to this one.

This time I decided I wanted to try him in pen and ink adding a bit of artistic license having him hold an item.  In this case a miniature tree and making him look like he was hanging from a limb.

Here are the steps as I worked on him using my Pilot Prera and Lexington Gray ink in the sketchbook my granddaughters gave me (the no-name sketchbook).

Next is strictly some digital fun using the finished pen and ink, adobe photoshop elements and my Wacum electronic tablet and pen.  Color was added to make him look like he actually does in real life plus an added decorating touch to the tree he's holding.

I've decided to use this as one of my Christmas cards.....

So Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 

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