Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Son's Christmas Wish List

I managed Day 8 with a little sketching.  Wasn't really up to it and I'm not sure how today and tomorrow will go.  Undergoing some extensive dental work I don't look forward to and my initial visit yesterday was draining!!!

Decided to doodle some items one of my son's has on his Christmas wish list..........nothing elaborate........just some simple doodling using the Pilot Prera and Lexy gray.  Still using the sketchbook gifted to me.  :-))


Lisa M Griffin said...

What a fantastic idea. Makes me think that it would have been cute to have the kids draw out their Christmas lists as well.
Goodluck with your trip to the dentist, positive thoughts. :)

Susan Bronsak said...

Lisa, thank you for your comment ... that is a cute idea!!! I'll have to try and remember next year asking the granddaughters to do that :-)) Thank you too for best wishes with the dentist. This week four out of five days sitting in a dentist's chair. One week I'll be glad to have behind me.

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