Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rock Studies

A very dear friend and mentor, Hany, shares his work with me on a regular basis to include all medias as well as digital sketches.  He's been using a new Wacom Cintiq 24HD tablet working on various rock studies of late.

One of my favorites that he recently shared was this from a series of photos he took.

Following his example, I attempted to do a rock study in my sketchbook.  It's not exact but very similar.  With his permission, here is what I produced.  I was trying a different pen this time..........the Pigma Micron 03.  I really liked the various line values I was able to achieve with this pen.  I find myself rather timid with pen and ink trying to work light to dark if the pen and paper allows it.  The sketchbook I'm using for this study is still the one the granddaughters got me for my birthday.

My next post will be more rock studies but using yet another pen called the Platinum Carbon with black cartridge ink. 

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