Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seashore Birds in Rockport Texas

During our stay in Rockport, we made a trip to Aransas Wildlife Refuge.  Now that turned out to be a long drive for nothing.

Due to the drought conditions, there just wasn't much to see there.  We did see one alligator and while we were driving scared up two small doe; but other than that we didn't even see much in the way of birds.  And the worst of that trip was getting out walking down a trail only to be completely covered in black mosquitoes.  THAT WAS AWFUL.  We ran back to the car swatting at them trying to get them off before getting in the car.  Unfortunately we ended up taxiing several until we opened the windows to force them out.  Rest of the adventure was basically driving around the park saving ourselves from becoming more mosquito food.

We were at the refuge for a couple of hours and then decided to go on back to Rockport.  What we learned that day and the rest of our trip was that we didn't need to travel any distance to see wildlife.  It was all around us right there where we were staying and fishing.

This page only shows three of several variety birds we came across.

Pilot Prera with the Lexington Gray ink and no-name sketchbook.


larry said...

What? No mosquito sketch (grin)? These are great, Susan.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks, Larry on the sketches. :-)) Gives me the creeps just thinking about sketching a mosquito (laughing)!!

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