Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wood Pilings - Pen and Ink

Although I wasn't exactly in a mind-set to do any sketching, I made myself do so and glad I did.  I definitely felt better after I finished this page.

This was a good subject as it wasn't too mind-bending :-))  I went through photos from my Texas trip and sketched a small portion of what was showing in one photo.

Done while watching TV in the no-brand name sketchbook and Pilot Prera with Lexy Gray ink.

I couldn't focus as I needed when rendering the rope.  Was having trouble with right side fighting the left side of the brain where I was sketching what I thought it should look like rather than focusing on what I was actually seeing.  (Probably distracted with the TV on with a show I kept getting drawn into while trying to do this sketch.........ooops.)

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