Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Journal Entires after our Little Snow Storm

After the last snow storm that hit Sunday night, we lost power, internet and cell phone service.  With nothing better to do, I worked a few exercises and pages in my journal along with notes with what was happening.  The Epsilon journal is almost full with only a few pages remaining.

This first was a memory exercise where I sat and studied the previous journal page quick sketching of flamingos flipping the page and painting what I could recall of one of the birds.  It's going straight in on page with brush and paint and then hitting a few areas with pen and ink.

This next page was done looking outside my window where we have a bird feeding station set up.  All the feeders were covered with snow with birds trying to work their way to the seed they knew was there.  


Next I worked a crocus representing the first Spring flower that was blooming and now buried under snow.

This last page is from another memory exercise quickly sketching with pencil and then I spent some time later adding the color and some other elements to complete the page.

The part I concentrated on and remembered was the main bridge and water.  It's from a scene viewed in one of the NCIS episodes I watched after getting the generator running.  The portion behind the tunnel and above the bridge I added later after I went back to review the scene showing this bridge.  It was full of people but I decided to exclude them.

I can't help but smile as I view how I managed to lean the suggested buildings in the background to the left.  

The one plus is the texture I achieved in the bridge wall.  It actually worked this time spraying water.  I watched as the initial wash was drying trying to time it just right.  Some areas had already dried but I did manage to achieve what I was hoping for in other areas.  

I was also surprised by what I DID remember of the bridge..........especially these days when I can walk from one room to the next and forget the reason I was doing so.


Ninnu said...

Very beautiful paintings! Poor little birds. Hope they got some food.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Ninnu........truly appreciate your compliment. And yes the birds managed to get to the seed. It's funny watching how they work their feet and beaks to get what they need. :-))

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