Wednesday, March 13, 2013

People Gesture Practice

Had an itch to practice people again.  First used pencil scribble lines to get the shapes down and then tidied up with pen and ink.

Think what I need to do is a page of hands and feet....especially hands.

S&B Epsilon journal
Mechanical pencil
Platinum Carbon pen with Black Ink


Melody said...

Great people sketches! ~ I make terrible people, they are all cartoony looking and they always have noses that don't fit right! ha ha ~

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Melody :-) If you notice with a lot of sketches I do with people, I avoid faces like the plague. Instead I just suggest the best I can or render people walking away from me. Same with animals.

I study all the time stick figures of various kinds and true gesture figures where it's basically scribbles forming the bodies.

I found a really good book (used) through Amazon called People Painting Scrapbook by Draper. It goes through great lengths sharing how to go about simple figures one can use within a painting without having to use a lot of detail. He emphasizes gesture practice and has lots of illustrations!

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