Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bird Feeder - Stabilo Watersoluble Pens

I have had this set of Stabilo pens now for some time but haven't really played with them much.  After my experiment with the dolphins, I decided to work on a larger sketch using just three pens..........primarily brown, black, and the darker gray in my Stabilo set.

This is a bird feeder I see every day outside my window where I spend a great deal of time watching the birds.  Terry built the post high so the feeder sits at a perfect viewing level.  My sketch/painting table is right in front of the window with computer set-up to the right.  Regardless of what I'm doing, I have this wonderful view...........sometimes seeing deer and other wildlife pass by.

For this sketch, I used the brown on the feeder washing out with an angular flat and then went back with the black in some areas.  The trees are done using the dark gray with a few areas touched with the black pen.  These pens lay down ink so smoothly and consistently on the S&B Epsilon paper surface.  Love the washes they provide!

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