Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Sketching Using Uniball UM 151 Gel Pen

Here's a page testing the pen in my No Name Generic sketchbook.  The pen worked just as beautifully as it did in the more expensive Alpha journal.  I can achieve super thin/light/fine lines as I can the darker marks. 

I have a thing for gates, doors, and windows as I do with old barns.

While in the UK, I took loads of photos of these subjects as well as chimney pots and the neat looking building structures like thatch cottages and castles. 


larry said...

These are gorgeous, Susan. You're my hero and make me want to give up all that color stuff, sticking with the UM151 pen results :-) Aren't those pens wonderful?

Cheers --- Larry

Susan Bronsak said...

The pens are a dream!!! I miss using color from time to time but then there are times I just don't care to mess with it. I enjoy the results of just pen or pencil.......nice change and beauty of their own.

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