Monday, August 26, 2013

New Sighting - Tanager

After moving out in the country up on a hilltop surrounded by trees, we have seen so many new things.  Various type trees, fungi, wildlife from coyotes to turkeys plus a few new bird species never seen before.  The most recent being the Scarlet Tanager.

The male is red and black and the female greenish yellow and black.  Their sound is like a Robin only raspier.

Terry noticed first the male in the berry tree at the side of our house.  We're not sure what type of bush/tree it is but has a wonderful fragrance in the Spring and loaded with small orange to red berries during this time of year.

I worked this pen and ink/watercolor sketch in the Alpha journal using the new Uniball UM 151 pens.  Colors used:  green black 0.38, bordeaux black 0.38, and brown black 0.28 and 0.5.

Daniel Smith:  Perm Red, Cad Red, Paynes Gray, Fr Ultramarine, Green Ap, and New Gamboge.

#8 Round and #6 Mini round

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