Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rock Climbing in West Virginia

This is a sketch of one of my favorite places to visit a couple hours away.  It's located on the eastern part of West Virginia off 33 and 28. 

I've been there camping in cabins a few times, fishing, and several years ago went on a horseback ride up part way of this peak.  You can only go so far on foot.....otherwise in order to reach the top one has to have rock climbing skills.

There is also a small cavern one can visit.  The thing I remember most about the cavern were the bats hanging.

Consists of Tuscarora Quartzite which is white gray in color.

Alpha 4 x 6 journal; Pilot Prera with Namiki black (water soluble), and Daniel Smith watercolors.  #8 Round and 3/8" Angular Flat.


Karla said...

Once again thank you for the wonderful sketches. Its amazing what you can do in a 4x6 book. I am getting ready to go to Tuscany for two weeks with Brenda Swenson and am torn on the journal. I just received the alpha 6x8 wire bound today and love it. I like the wire bound so that I can fill with the memorabilia from my trip. (first time out of country) I do light washes so I think the alpha will be fine. Wanted to know your thoughts, Thanks. Karla

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Karla!! And I'm envious of you going with Brenda Swenson. That's so cool!!!

I love the Alpha and I use pretty heavy watercolor washes. It works great!!! Seems to be the first I grab anymore. I have Epsilon, Beta and Zeta and each are great for various things. I use wastercolor in all of them. Epsilon I only work on one side of each page. The others on both sides.

Hope that helps :-))

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