Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest Achievements

Yesterday I worked on several different sketches using different pens.

The first is a peace lily in my bathroom.  I used the Pilot Prera with Namiki Black ink which is water soluble.  I worked the outline, took a wet brush for the wash and then applied watercolor after the wash was dried.  I chose to use the 5 x 8 Zeta Journal because washes take longer to dry allowing one to work moving ink/color around.

The second is sketching people from my 2010 UK trip using the Pilot Prera and Lexington Gray ink.  Worked in the 9 x 12 Generic Sketchbook.

Last but not least was finished this evening.  I dug out my Hero pen which is a bent nib and worked these from photos taken during my 2010 UK trip.  The pen is loaded with Lexington Gray ink.  As noted on the page, the top sketch was using the pen close to being out of ink.  I managed to finish shading when it completely ran out.  The bottom sketch is after reloading with ink.  Was more difficult to control but coverage was definitely easier to achieve.

There is one other I worked on finishing in ink but I want to take color to it so chose not to share yet.

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