Saturday, September 14, 2013

Movie 9 Characters - Ballpoint Pen

Another play using the ballpoint pen used on the last page.  The pen is definitely not behaving well now like it did with the first rose bud yesterday.  I found myself getting frustrated and almost didn't finish the page.  I was even tempted to grab one of my gel roller or fountain pens.  But I stuck it out feeling impatient to finish the page.  I want to try another ballpoint once I can get my hands on one.

This movie came on wee hours of the morning.  I thought the characters were adorable........loved the animation.  But I didn't follow the movie as I was too into wanting to sketch a few of the characters.

I may still do one of the full bodies as I thought they were cute........especially the one with the zipper......probably with a different type pen.

This was finished off with just a tad bit of color using Raw Sienna and Sap Green.

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