Monday, September 30, 2013

The Well - Sherbourne Old Castle UK

Another watercolor sketch of my UK trip back in 2010.

This one is of Sherbourne Old Castle........actually The Well that sits on the grounds.

The story of The Well is that it supplied most of the water used at the castle.  It's 40 ft deep cut through natural rock that forms the castle hill to the water table below.  It was originally in an enclosed courtyard where the kitchen was detached from the main buildings as a precaution against fire.

What captivated me about this scene was not only the well but the area behind it..... especially that one tree that towers over the rest. 

Worked in the Zeta Journal sketching with brush and watercolor first.  Then went back and added the pen and ink work using my Pilot Prera and Lexington Gray ink.

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