Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stippling Practice

This page concentrates on stippling with pen and ink.  I used two pens........TWSBI Mini with Lexington Gray Ink and the Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray ink. 

My personal experience or findings:

I found the two worked together beautifully for tones. 

Some of the illustrations are only using the TWSBI, some only with the Pilot Prera but most with the combination of the two (as noted near the illustrations).

The Pilot Prera worked nicely for shadows and I was quite surprised even with the fine nib how easily it was to make the dots building from very light to darker value but still remaining soft.

The TWSBI is a larger nib allowing the ink to flow heavier.  Only a light touch on the paper was necessary to create the darks. 

On this paper in my Generic Sketchbook, I had to take care just barely touching the paper as the paper wanted to "grab" the ink.

This was extremely relaxing to do working a little at a time as time permitted.  :-))

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