Sunday, November 10, 2013

Artist's Journal Workshop Challenge 2

After the crab apple challenge, another member of the group uploaded four photos of a jade plant hoping to inspire folks to continue with he joint project idea.

The member is Jacqui Petersen.

This one took me a long time to do.  I first used my Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray ink sketching out the shapes and stippling on only a few of the leaves.  Then I started with Inktense pencils dry.  As I worked, I would stop and take a damp brush to the color.  Then go back if necessary and add more dry pencil.  Final detailing with a Uniball Bordeaux Black gel pen.

I found myself fidgeting.  Adding color, trying to lift if already wet and erasing color if still dry (before the wash).  I have limited colors in the pencils and I didn't really care for the greens I had to choose from.  I also struggled keeping the "wash" clean because I was using complimentary colors that mixed together can turn dull or grayish.

4 Greens, 2 Reds, Dark Blue, a light brown and Gray Inktense pencils.

Moleskine Sketchbook

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