Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catching Up With the Last Few Days of Sketching/Painting

I've fallen behind posting here on my blog.  Two days without power and also feeling a tad bit under the weather.  However, I've still managed to keep up with sketching and a little painting.

This is a portion of a school in a near-by town of Mannington, WV.

One of my favorite birds next to hummingbirds.

The night our power, cell, and internet went out.  Was having trouble deciding what to sketch but I wanted to sketch something.

After I did the sketch of me holding my sketchbook, I decided to grab a book and whatever page I opened up to, I sketched (bottom left of this page).  Book used for bottom left was The Ultimate Drawing and Painting Technique Bible by Trudy Friend.

The rest of the illustrations I just did on my own from photographs. 

Same night (we were up all night), I started this in pen and ink of one of my Christmas Cacti.  Next day I added the watercolor.  Wasn't able to scan until yesterday.

Last night I wanted to try something a little different.  I've seen other people do it and loved the results.  This is pre-wetting the page in my journal and swishing on color.  Allowed to dry and then did the pen and ink work of the palm trees.

Finally before going to bed, I sketched and painted this tree.  I love trees with all the various shapes.


lee kline said...

You really could write a book on "How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal." Go for it.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Lee :-))

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